Subfloor repair


Subfloor repair

Just as a well-constructed house rests on a good foundation, a durable floor relies on a good subfloor. When upgrading with new flooring, careful attention to subfloor repair is crucial for good, long-lasting results.

Why subfloor repair is important

Most finished floors are applied over a well-prepared subsurface. This is especially important for vinyl flooring, as well as for ceramic tile and carpeting. A subfloor must be smooth, level, and strong, or the finished floor will be spongy, sagging, and prone to uneven wear and damage.

Matching the subfloor and finished floor

The subfloor must also be constructed with the correct materials, fasteners, and sealant for the type of room and the existing construction in the building. The best choice of subflooring is different for bathrooms and kitchens, carpeted rooms and bare wood floors, wood framing and concrete slabs. Using the correct type of subfloor for the desired finished floor is vital for a quality finished job.



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Why professional subfloor repair is a good investment

Because floors are constructed in many different ways and using a variety of building materials, hiring a professional flooring expert is a good guarantee forgetting the job done right. Professionals know the best way of preparing a subfloor for each kind of construction and situation, so that the finished floor system will last and be problem-free.

Testing a floor for damage to the subfloor

While fixing a subfloor is usually a job for a professional subfloor repair technician, a property owner can often determine for themselves if the subfloor needs repair. Soft areas, sagging, and squeaking in a floor are all telltale signs. Loose and peeling floor coverings are also indications that there may be moisture or other damage to the subfloor that needs repair before installing the new floor.
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Talk to a professional subfloor repair expert

When new flooring is on the to-do list, consulting with a trained professional will help insure that any needed subfloor repair gets done right. The end result will be a floor system that lasts and functions for a long time to come.