Custom area rug binding


Custom area rug binding

If you have scraps of carpeting scattered throughout your home, don't toss the materials in the trash. An area rug binding technician can piece the scraps together to make a stylish rug or classy stair runners.

What is area rug binding?

When a technician binds a rug, different carpet pieces are attached together. Then, the edges of the rug are efficiently sealed.

Carpet binding - flooring covering options

A professional rug binding specialist can produce a variety of floor coverings from scraps and carpet samples. In a hall, hall runners can protect your delicate flooring from harsh scratches. Hall runners are also helpful because they provide a path for everyone in the family.

Stair runners are useful because they keep kids safe on the stairs. Slipping while climbing the stairs is always a risk; however, if you use the proper covering, you can prevent serious accidents.



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More options!

If you have pets, you can give them a cozy place to nap by placing a carpet blinding on the floor. Since technicians make the rugs with soft materials, you pets will stay off of your sofa. As a result, your furniture will be much cleaner because the dander and fur will gather on the rug. A technician can also design coverings that match a home’s décor. By coordinating the rugs with your furnishings, key patterns and colors will pop.

Bonus advice - how to protect your investment

After you receive your new rug, you must follow a few steps to maintain it. To protect to fibers, apply a protective spray over the entire rug. If you have kids, place a rug pad under the rug to prevent wear and tear and slippage. Rug blinding is an easy solution to a common problem. So, instead of tossing out your rug scraps, contact a rug blinding technician.