Backsplash custom shower and tub


Backsplash custom shower & tub

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It receives a lot of daily traffic, and it’s often the only quiet space to find a few moments of privacy. So it’s no wonder that upgrading your tub or shower can have a big impact on your home. A bathroom remodel is also a smart investment that will greatly increase your home’s resale value. For the most bang for your buck, a custom tub surrounding or shower surrounding is a smart choice.

Custom shower surroundings

A custom shower surrounding is a cost-efficient way to refinish your shower. It is an inexpensive alternative to tile, and thanks to the modular design, can fit around any corner and through any doorway. Shower Surroundings are typically made up of two or three large panels surrounding the three walls of the shower.



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Custom tub surroundings

If you have a tub in your bathroom, you can greatly benefit from a tub surrounding. Not only will it make an older tub look brand new, it will also take care of any leaks or cracks. Tub surroundings are easy to install, typically using three or five pieces to surround your pre-existing tub. Because you won't need to remove your existing tub, you are saved from the possibility of damaged flooring, plumbing and walls.

Benefits of custom surroundings

Tub and shower surroundings are an attractive addition to any bathroom. By choosing a customized surrounding, you can find a color that perfectly matches your current décor. Wall shelves can be added to meet your unique needs. The materials used are durable and long lasting. Custom shower and tub surroundings also use easy-to-clean materials and feature few joints, helping to keep them free from mold and grime.
Backsplash custom shower and tub in St. Anna, IL from L & P Carpet, Inc


Installation of surroundings is quick and easy, often completed in one day. This is a huge plus, especially since many homes only have one bathroom and cannot afford to have it out of service weeks.