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We are a family owned flooring store. The business was originally opened in May of 1977 as a residential flooring store. We continued to grow and expand and in the 80's ventured out into the commercial market. In 2012 the family decided to open a second location as a Mohawk Floorscapes store located in Marion, Illinois. Visit our Contact page
Carpet Flooring from L & P Carpet in Anna and Marion IL

Our mission

L&P Carpet, Inc is a leader in providing residential and commercial floor covering services. Established in 1977, proves “It’s worth talking to the experts"

The L&P Team

There is now an unlimited selection with a professional design staff to assist the clients.

Pamela Rendleman

Residential Office Manager
(618) 833-8913
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James Rendleman

Residential Estimator/Sales
(618) 833-8913
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Trish Cox

Commercial Office Manager
(618) 833-8913
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Tony Smith

Residential Sales
(618) 833-8913
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Kevin Cox

Commercial Estimator/Sales
(618) 445-8199
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Barb Jacobs

Residential Sales
(618) 649-0081
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Paul Woolf

Commercial Estimator
(618) 649-0081
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(618) 649-0081
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