Carpet re-stretching and tucking


Carpet re-stretching and tucking

Good quality carpets can last up to ten years under average use but most carpets need a good carpet re-stretching and tucking at some point within that period. However, carpeting may show wear problems as the years go by. Stretching may cause areas of the carpet to loosen, leaving unsightly bumps, ridges or ripples. These problems do not require complete replacement of the carpeting. Carpet re-stretching and carpet tucking can be done by an experienced carpet repair company, such as L&P Flooring.

Signs of carpeting looseness

Looseness of your wall-to-wall carpeting may appear as ridges along the entire length of the room, a series of ripples in certain areas of the room or a large bunch of carpet fabric near heavy furniture. These problems may appear in only one area of the room or may be more widespread.



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Causes of carpet looseness

Carpet rippling or bunching can occur due to a number of problems:

  • Improper installation – An incorrect match between the padding and carpeting components may have occurred at installation
  • The carpeting may have manufacturing flaws that make it vulnerable to looseness and rippling
  • Moving heavy furniture frequently can lead to carpet bunching in the area
  • Over-wetting during the carpet cleaning process can cause loosening the glue that holds layers together
  • Heavy traffic may cause pulling away from walls or doorways

Repairing carpet looseness

Removing these signs of wear and looseness requires the use of special tools and techniques to restore the even appearance. Although some people attempt to do this work themselves, a professional carpet repair company. The steps involved in doing a good carpet tucking or carpet restretching job can be time-consuming and may require the tools of the carpeting trade that are not available to do-it-yourselfers. A carpeting company can do a faster and more attractive repair, providing the best appearance for your home’s floor covering.
Carpet re-stretching and tucking in St. Anna, IL from L & P Carpet, Inc

Finding a reputable carpet repair company

Many people find a reputable carpet repair company through family, friends or neighbors. However, if you cannot get a referral, ask how frequently the company does this kind of work. Ask for a quotation in advance, and find out if the company foresees any problems in accomplishing the work. An experienced carpet repair company should be able to do the job with little difficulty.