Why luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for pet-friendly homes

Why luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for pet-friendly homes

If you have pets in the house, you know how crucial durable flooring is in almost every room. The good news is that luxury vinyl tile and plank are great options for this need.

If you've never experienced these materials, you'll love what you find here. Take time to consider these benefits that work well for you and your pets.

Luxury vinyl offers complete waterproof protection

We know that pets can knock things down and have accidents that collectively create water damage. So these floors protect you from it, with waterproof protection in every room.

Unlike water-resistant materials, these floors never take on damage over time. So even if you leave messes to sit for days, they'll still have their integrity as a luxury vinyl plank or tile product.

Luxury vinyl flooring resists daily wear

Over the day, pets can play, run, roll, and much more throughout your home. That's when the wear resistance these floors offer pays off.

Besides waterproof protection, you'll also see impressive scratch, scuff, and stain resistance. With this kind of protection, these materials have looked great for decades.

Luxury vinyl is easy to install and replace

You'll enjoy a quick installation, so you won't need to relocate your pets during the service. And when it's time to replace LVP floors, the task is as simple.

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