What is loose lay luxury vinyl flooring?

What is loose lay luxury vinyl flooring?

As you have browsed the available luxury vinyl plank and tile options available to you, you may have come across a product known as loose lay vinyl. Today, we will dive into what this flooring is and how it can serve you best, so read along with us now to find out.

Loose lay luxury vinyl plank and tile provide so much

Loose lay luxury vinyl tile and plank are an outstanding addition to any room, providing a wealth of benefits that make it incredibly appealing, even when there is a need for waterproof protection. These floors require no adhesives, staples, or nails for installation and remain in place perfectly.

The construction of these pieces makes them thick, heavy, and immovable, thanks to the backing material, which grips the underlying subfloor for stabilization. They require no acclimation at all because there is no expansion or contraction to create the need for an expansion gap.

The waterproof characteristics in these floors protect from both top to bottom and bottom to top, so whether you have a large spill or subfloor issues, you can trust you are being protected. If you are ready to explore your options in loose lay luxury vinyl flooring, be sure to visit us whenever you are in the area.

We provide the luxury vinyl tile and plank you need

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